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PO Box 511, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS5 3JT
0113 834 6094

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Traveleyes provide independent travel for people who are blind or partially sighted. Blind travellers can simply choose a holiday from our fully accessible website or audio brochure. Those who travel solo no longer have to depend on family members or friends to accompany them on holiday. Each holiday itinerary is carefully hand-made by an expert team, with a focus on stimulating all of the five senses.

Holiday destinations cover Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Americas.

Services offered:

  • Short breaks
  • Organised holidays

1 user review

Janette Reynolds

User rating: 1 star

Hi I went on a Traveleyes holiday recently and did not have a very good experience. For anyone who does not know how this company works, it is basically for visually impaired travellers to be paired with sighted travellers. The former pay full cost and in my opinion, an added premium and the latter pay up to 50% of the full cost. Thereby, it is very attractive for sighted travellers to go on these holidays. However, I am not complaining about this as it is the sighted travellers who are meant to be the 'eyes' for the visually impaired and the whole thing relies on this premise and I accepted this situation by booking with Traveleyes. However, what I found was that the attitudes of the sighted travellers was pretty bad with some pretty derogatory comments around visual impairment in general (when believed vi travellers were out of ear-shot);rude behaviour behind the backs of vi travellers and a general impatience regarding assisting vi's. I do have to say, that this was not the case with all the sighted travellers but a fair few. In hindsight, my thoughts are that the attraction of a cheaper holiday on offer may well sometimes attract sighted travellers who are not really 'up' for this experience which then impacts on the experience of the vi - it certainly did in my case and I left early which was not only costly but pretty upsetting. Upon relaying my experience to Traveleyes I was extremely disappointed with their own attitude which was one of avoidance of even entering into a discussion about the experience which I had hoped may have led to some tweaking/adjustment of how things may be done/looked at in the future in order to make the experience better for its clients - ie the visually impaired traveller and in a way, the sighted traveller too. It also took me three prompts via registered post and two emails over a month to obtain a response from the organization regarding the experience which in itself was extremely disappointing. I hope there have been some better experiences out there with this company but my own was pretty abysmal and one that I will not be repeating.

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