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Provides disabled people and their carers living in East Anglia with regular opportunities to access and enjoy sailing activities whilst promoting enhanced independence, confidence and community involvement.

EAST currently provides two weekend cruises and a week long, live aboard sailing cruise where blind and partially sighted sailors from all over the country can enjoy gaining sailing experience alongside an enjoyable social programme.

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  • Trips and outings
  • Other sports
  • Short breaks

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  1. Terry Lawlor

    24 November 2015

    User rating: 5 stars

    For many years the incredibly generous, skilful and caring members of EAST have offered their boats, time, expertise and friendship to people with a visual impairment willing to take up their offer to go sailing with them. The whole sailing experience is suffused with a sense of challenge and excitement and the wonderful people you meet pass on their skills with patience and humour. It is fair to say that the reactions to be observed amongst individuals learning of the prospect of placing people with a sight problem on a boat surrounded by deep water, possibly experiencing unexpected and sometimes violent movements, are many and varied – often ranging between ‘you’re having a laugh’ and ‘ bring it on’. My trips with EAST along the East coast and across to the continent have been unforgettable and the folk of EAST should feel justly proud that their admirable tradition continues to be available to VIs.

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