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Affordable Braille is essential for blind literacy, education and employment, yet Braille use has been declining for decades due to stagnant technology. Bristol Braille Technology is building a revolutionary and radically affordable Braille ereader for blind people called Canute, designed with and by the blind community.

A quote from RNIB about Canute:
“With Bristol Braille’s Canute, you will be able to condense your braille library into one simple reading device”

The Canute is the world’s first multiple line Braille ereader — forty characters per line by nine lines — and we intend to distribute it for the price of a Perkins typewriter or iPhone.

That’s around £600–800; or 20x cheaper per cell than existing digital Braille devices.

We aim to release the Canute Winter 2017 or Spring 2018.

Services offered:

  • Assistive technology products

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